The Ultimate Shopper’s Guide to Target

Yes, this is me in the beginning stages of labor with baby number 3 😉 

Y’all Target is the greatest invention since sliced bread. Target is my place. Target was one of my first jobs ever. Yes, I proudly boast that I was a former team member. My children know how to get to Target from grandma’s. They can spot that shit from a mile away. Hell, I even went into labor with my third child while Christmas shopping with my two littles and mom in tow. When I say I love Target, I FREAKING LOVE Target. Our affair is long term. The team members know my mother and myself by name. It might be an unhealthy relationship, but I will never give it up. With all of that being said, I have learned a few tricks of the trade when it comes to good deals and saving money at target.

The boys have grown up shopping at Target. 

Target Mobile App

The first and most important thing you need is the Target app! This is where you can scan items, score coupons, cartwheels, save your gift cards and you can even save your REDcard. That’s right! Did you walk out of the door and only grab the diaper bag? Did you forget your wallet trying to survive the chaos? Well have no fear! If you have the Target REDcard you can save it to your phone. You never have to worry again about remembering your card (plus you can save 5% EVERY purchase,  but we will get to that later).


“What is Cartwheel? Cartwheel offers are exclusive to Target and can be found by tapping “Cartwheel Offers” on the app home screen. Here, you’ll find active offers, eligible items and terms & conditions. You also can find Cartwheel deals with a simple scan. Just tap the barcode icon on the home screen, hold your phone over an item’s barcode, and we’ll let you know if there’s an applicable deal.” From Target itself!

Y’all!! Cartwheel is absolutely amazing! You can save 5% on everyday items and grocery products from the following Target brands: Up & Up, Market Pantry, Archer Farms and others. I have saved 50% off of bed sheets, 20% on clearance items, 30% on hot toys, and much much more. All you have to do is download the Target app and register with Cartwheel. I scan every single item in my cart before I check out. You never know what cartwheel or manufacturer coupon will pop up!

***You can combine manufacturer coupons and Cartwheel discounts. 

Gift Card Deals

Target frequently offers gift cards with the purchase of different items. I never buy staples for my fam unless their is a gift card deal going on. I try to plan around these deals and stock up! I was actually able to purchase the majority of decorations, food and party favors for the middle one’s first birthday with FREE gift cards I had received throughout the year.

Here are some snapshots from this weeks Target Ad

Here are some examples for you:

  • Buy 3 items (charming, viva, bounty, swiffer, ziploc…) get $10.00 gift card
  • Buy $15 in Pepsi & Frito Lay products get $5.00 gift card
  • Buy 2 Boxes of Pampers and/or Huggies get a $15.00 gift card (you can use coupons and Cartwheel offers with these deals!)
  • Buy $50.00 worth of kids clothes get $10.00 gift card
  • Buy $20.00 worth of meat/seafood get $5.00 gift card
  • Spend $125 in the baby department get a $20.00 gift card  
  • Spend $200 in the baby department get a $40.00 gift card

You get the idea 😉 

Target literally has gift card deals for EVERY department. You can pre-order movies through them and receive a $5.00 gift card. The opportunity for free gift cards are endless!

When they have the baby gift card deals going on they will typically have a gift card offer for the purchase of other items in that department: breast pumps, diapers, wipes, baby monitors, baby wraps… I purchased my breast pump from Target. I received a gift card for buying A Medel Double Pump, and I scored a gift card for spending over $200.00. Plus, my insurance company reimbursed me! That’s insane yall!

The Target REDcard

This card is the bees knees. You can apply for an actual Target Credit Card (no thanks my husband would kill me), or you can get the Target REDcard Debit. The debit card is linked directly to your checking account. Your transactions are typically processed within 24-48 hours. You get Free shipping on any orders, 5% off of all purchases, and early access to hot promotional exclusives and Black Friday door buster deals. I have saved so much money. I know 5% doesn’t seem like that much, but when you shop there as much as I do that.shit.adds.up! You can even save 5% on specialty gift cards like: iTunes, Disney, Harley…. You absolutely NEED this in your life! Apply for your REDcard HERE.

Target Tips:

  • Target ALWAYS has a major sale on home decor, storage and organization,  and bedding/bath in January.
  • In June/July they markdown a TON of toys. These markdowns are up to 80% off. I shop for birthdays and Christmas early, so I hit up these sales. Check out my “5 Easy Ways to Destress the Holidays” post.
  • Check out Cartwheel for 20% off of clearance items. They post this one quite frequently.
  • For the last several years Target has offered a 20% off of your total purchase coupon for future use when you come in on Black Friday and spend $50.00. This can be combined with your REDcard discount, Cartwheel offers, and coupons.
  • Every year around Christmas time Target offers 10% off of any Target gift card.

Y’all Target is my place of peace. I just need them to get on board with a wine bar and a kid’s play area. My life would be set. This place ain’t a store, it’s a freaking religion!


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