How to Survive Laundry with Gain with Essential Oils

Did y’all know that the average American family washes about 300 – 390 loads of laundry per year?! That’s about 7 loads of laundry per week. I don’t know about you, but that’s one category I slay! I mean I hit the above average mark every. single. week. I have three wild country boys and a husband that works in construction. The laundry is NEVER ENDING! 

I think I do roughly 10-15 loads of laundry per week. I don’t even know what the term “laundry day” means, because in this house, everyday is laundry day. The stains, the grime, the sweat, the smells, I could go on, but I’ll spare you. Do you know what else that means? I go through bottles and bottles of laundry detergent, so I need something powerful and efficient.

I have found this in the new Gain with Essential Oils concentrated laundry detergent. Like essential oils, it is highly concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way. PLUS! it smells FABULOUS! It comes in 3 variations: Lavender & Calm Chamomile, Eucalyptus & Mindful Mint, and Orange & Energetic Grapefruit. Gain is designed to work in all types of washing machines, and was formulated with 100 percent renewable wind-power electricity. Gain with Essential Oils’ liquid laundry detergent contains no dyes, phosphates, CFCs, or parabens. 

All three scents smell amazing. Although, I definitely have a favorite. You can’t go wrong with the Orange & Energetic Grapefruit scent. The smell is sweet, citrusy and invigorating. My husband is a little bit picky when it comes to his clothes. Construction work equals lots of sweat and stains, but Gain with Essential Oils gets rid of all of that grime. He loves the way his clothes smell and how clean they look and feel after they’re washed.

I may have the never ending laundry basket, but at least our clothes and sheets smell wonderful. You can experience the scent of essential oils in every wear just hit up your local Publix. Bonus, there is also a limited time offer for $1.00 off of your purchase with a manufacturer’s coupon. You can print your coupon HERE.

Thanks so much to Gain for sponsoring this post. 

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