5 Things to do Between Now & Christmas

This year is flying by. I’m not sure where it has gone, but somehow we are in the midst of the holiday season already. Whew! If you are like me, then you are already gearing up for Christmas – and I am just so thrilled about it. This season brings so much joy and positivity to the world and it really just is one of the best times of the year, in my opinion. But, there is a lot to do. If you are worried about where to start, or how you are going to get everything done in time, start with this list of 5 things to do between now and Christmas:

Plan Early And Relax Later

There are a few ways that you can plan early, in order to relax early. The first way is by shopping early. Black Friday is usually when Christmas shopping ramps up (for most people). I always try my best to get 90% of my shopping done before then. If I don’t have it all done, I can always shop online, too. By doing this, I am not rushing around two days before Christmas, wrapping every single one of my gifts. The second way I can plan early is by creating a menu well before Christmas rolls around (this can go for Thanksgiving, as well). Creating a menu will allow me to relax close to the day because I won’t be looking up recipes, writing down a menu, and making a shopping list. Instead, if I do this a few weeks before Christmas, all I will need to do is go to the store! Lastly, which I touched on above is to make a list for Christmas shopping early. This way, I can have a list ready to go when I get all of my shopping done early! 

Limit Commitments 

This is one thing that is really hard for me, but this year, it might be a bit easier thanks to COVID and social distancing. There are so many parties that go on during the holidays (normally, at least) and I have a very hard time saying ‘no’ to invitations, but it is important to do so. A busy schedule definitely leads to stress, so if I limit the parties I attend, I can also limit the stress. A great way to do this is by surrounding myself with those I love and cherish and RSVPing no to the parties where I would be around acquaintances. 

Focus On Making Memories

While sometimes, you need to stick with your commitments in order to make memories, keep in mind that sometimes, the small things that you can do at home (without an RSVP) are the most valuable memories that you can make. For example, making gingerbread cookies with your kids or grandkids, having a Christmas movie marathon wrapped under a blanket with your significant other, or laughing around fun board games with your family. If you stop stressing and just focus on joy and making memories, you will be very thankful. That is really the way to celebrate this season – to just have fun with the people that you love.

Plan Out Your Goals For The New Year Now

Don’t wait until after Christmas to set your goals. Instead, plan your list now, when you are in a jolly mood (and probably have a bit more time to think positively while wrapping gifts). The reason why I also love planning your goals now for 2021 is because of the fact that you can ask for gifts that go along with your goals. Do you have a goal of hiking a mountain? Ask for hiking boots or a fun water bottle! Want to start sewing? Ask for a sewing machine, or sewing lessons! Trying to up your workout game? Think about asking for a Nashville CrossFit gym membership, if you are in the area. CrossFit Solid Orange is a great place to check out. They offer CrossFit with Interval-Training Bootcamp, Strength and Conditioning Sessions, Olympic Weightlifting, and Personal Training. CrossFit Solid Orange believes strongly in welcoming people from all walks of life and fitness levels. They absolutely love to witness the positive, life-changing transformation that their members see, which spills over not only into health, but work, family and overall happiness levels. If you want to give the gift of health (or get the gift of health), it could be a great thing to give someone, gift yourself, or ask for this year, in order to meet your 2021 goals.

Create A Checklist

“He’s making a list and checking it twice!” Take the advice of Santa by making a list and checking it twice. The more organized you are, the better (and it also means that you will be less stressed). Write down what gifts you need to get, what you need to do, and what you need to make. Checking off your list will allow you to get more done, it will limit stress, and it will keep you on track.

XOXO, Country Mama

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