6 Easy Activities to Increase Family Time

Alright Y’all. We are into 2021 by like what? 2 weeks? I am just over here in a daze. In December 2020 I had all of these big plans and goals, because you know what?! I was not going to let 2020 get me down, and I was going to ring in the New Year ready to rock n’ roll. All I can do is LOL now. I still have not even figured out my New Year’s Resolutions…

I decided who needs big resolutions? Why set yourself up for disappointment or distress when life has been hard enough? I am making small attainable goals to reduce stress in my life. I am still pondering what my word is… what I want to accomplish… Reducing distractions and family time are extremely important to me. The mom guilt has been real lately, and I know my boys need more from me. Here’s a few easy ways I’ve been managing to get that quality time in.

Go for a walk. Yes, it is that simple. I know it may take 45 minutes to get everyone dressed and together to make it out of the house, but something as simple as a walk is so fun to your kiddos. Recently we went “alien hunting.” We walked up and down our gravel drive. The boys found alien amulets, transmitters, portals and more. It was an impromptu outing, and probably the most fun we have had together in a while.

Alien Hunting Gear. Creative Geniuses? Or Crazy as Heck?

Bake! Yes, make that batch of cookies, or a cake, or a pie, or whatever you have around the house. You don’t have to be a master chef to do this. I LOVE to bake, and so do the boys. Sometimes I break out a box mix of brownies, and we just dump everything in the bowl and mix together. Is it typically utter chaos? Yes. Does the kitchen look like a tornado plowed through after? Yes. Will my boys fight over who gets to mix the batter first? More than likely. BUT it is an easy way to have a good time. 

Family Game Night! This is my favorite. Santa brought a TON of games this year. The boys get super excited when we do movie and game nights, so I plan on one game night a week. We break out the popcorn, sprite, and other treats, put the phones down and play a game together. One game I am loving is “Not Parent Approved!” It is easy to play and the boys get a kick out of it. Especially since there is a Burp Master. You can order the game HERE I PROMISE you are going to love it!!!

Color. Yes, you read that right. Color with your kiddos. I have learned that the simplest things are what my boys enjoy most from me. It’s also a double win in this household. I have severe anxiety, and coloring has been a major de-stresser for me. You can get cheap coloring books at Target, Walmart, & Dollar General. I also google coloring pages, and print them out as we need them. My boys are into Indiana Jones, Aliens, and Pecos Bill. Those aren’t exactly easy to find in a coloring book, but Google hasn’t failed me yet. 

Scavenger Hunt! You don’t have to do anything crazy or have fancy lists. You can make up your own on a scratch piece of paper, or you can head to pinterest for some great ideas/free printables. We are fortunate to live on 40 acres, so exploring and scavenger hunts are a must. You can do one in your house, your backyard, or even while you go on a walk in your neighborhood. This is one thing the boys absolutely love. Your list can consist of specific items, shapes, colors, textures… The options are Infinite. I found this awesome list on Modern Typography’s Blog. You can check the link out HERE

And my ultimate favorite activity, theeeeeee DANCE PARTY!!! Yes, these are the best. We pick out some tunes from their favorite movies and shows and get on down. They come up with the craziest moves. Another double win with this one, we all get a little bit of exercise. I let each boy pick a song, and mom gets one too 😉 I realize how out of shape I am every time (lolololol) 

Some of these may seem super obvious, but seriously, these are the things most kids want from their parents. As a mama of 3 boys, ages 3,5 and 7, it’s nice to have some ideas about activities they will all do together.  These activities are easy, cheap/free, and perfect if you are stuck at home. Comment what your favorite activity you do with your kiddos is?

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