Breaking Negative Thoughts

When I first saw this photo I was honestly horrified. My first thought was, “Oh my gosh the freaking bags under my eyes are atrocious!” I look so old! Shoot, I don’t even look old, I look ancient!

Then I saw my chin, well excuse me…. Chins… There was absolutely no way I was sharing this photo! I couldn’t. I hated the way I looked in it. I see a juice fast and Botox appointment in my near future.

The more I looked at this image of myself, I began to think, “why was this my first thought?” After all, I had so much fun during this photo shoot. I was joking around with my husband and our photographer, Jessie. My boys were chasing cute little kittens around and looking at pumpkins. It was just a good day. 

How could I destroy such a beautiful memory with such negative thoughts? One day my boys won’t want to do these things with me. One day their will be no more coordinated outfits and pumpkin patch trips. One day they will grow up, and the chance for days like this will be gone.

The boys playing in the corn field right before we headed to the pumpkin patch.

I am 36. I am only getting older. Not enough skincare and Botox in the world can change that. I have lived a beautiful life so far. Instead of focusing on the vanity of some wrinkles and a double chin I’m choosing to focus on making memories and enjoying life now. 

Today, I am choosing to soak up these moments. I am choosing joy over these negative thoughts. 

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