Valentine’s with BearBottom

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I am not going to lie, I struggle in the gift department for my husband. He is a man who knows what he wants and is hard to surprise. I always get him the usual: candy, his favorite homemade meal, his favorite liquor and some other small trinkets, but this year I am going with some amazing clothes from Bearbottom Clothing (I’ll still get the chocolates and make that meal)

Bearbottom is the PERFECT clothing for the active and on the go man. Their clothing is made from stretch fabrics with performance features, so they wear well through work and play! Not only are their clothes high quality, Bearbottom is committed to ethical and sustainable practices, and they give back!

Bearbottom operates on the buy-one-give-one model. This means for every item that is purchased, they donate a school meal to a child in India. So far, over 700,000 + meals have been donated. When you purchase the special guy in your life something from Bearbottom, you are also giving back, which is a wonderful thing.

The Loft Short and Loft Jogger (with matching sweatshirts) were my instant go to. They are made with buttery soft fabric that is stretchy and comfy. You can lounge around the house in comfort but they’re also made well enough to hold up to daily wear and traveling.

You can find so many other fabulous products with Bearbottom here ! And remember ladies, their clothes are comfy for your man and you! I have already stolen some shorts and a hoodie, it some of the coziest and relaxing clothing!

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