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Hey Confessions if a Country Mama readers!

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I find it impossible to promote items I don’t like, therefore if I am recommending a product it is because I truly like it and think it might be a worthwhile time or money investment. If I don’t like something you will either know about it because I find it impossible to keep my big mouth shut, or I won’t mention it at all. I know those options seem like exact opposites but what I’m trying to say is that I don’t write fake reviews so I’m not going to pretend to love something when in actuality I think it’s the worst thing ever. That’s just not my style.

Sponsored posts are those posts where someone is paying me to write about a specific topic. If I ever run one it will be clearly marked as being paid content.

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine. (Duh.)

With full disclosure, Confessions of a Country Mama is a platform for me to monetize writing about things I love and expressing myself. Please assume any link leading you to products or services are affiliate links and I will receive a commission from your purchase.

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